Nursing trends

IF you pay attention to recent discussions about Pakistan’s nursing sector, you’re likely to come away feeling pessimistic.

Pakistan continues to have one of the world’s lowest ratios of nurses to population and the phenomenon of ‘brain drain’ means that we continue to lose some of our best nurses to the West. Steps to enhance nursing education, research and services are crucial to the government’s aspirations of achieving universal health coverage by 2030 and the good news is that a strategic shift is under way that suggests that there’s never been a better time to be a nurse in Pakistan.

Local, national and global nursing stakeholders are now coming together with one voice on one platform: a harbinger of systemic change. The first-ever Pakistan Nur­sing and Midwifery Summit saw the government align its vision with the global Nursing Now campaign goals, a campaign uniting the World Health Organisation, International Council of Nurses, several NGOs as well as nurses from around the world. read more

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